Chairperson: Julia Thomas/Darren Miller
Board Liaison: Darren Miller

Are you considering membership in NALTEA but need some questions answered first?  You have come to the right place.  See the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below.  If you are satisfied with the answers, please return to the NALTEA home page and print out your application.  If you have further questions, feel free to contact us at the email address listed above.  We look forward to adding you to our membership ranks.


  • Approves new member applications for the association.
  • Makes changes in the membership requirements of the association as needed.
  • Recommends for approval changes in the membership dues of the association as needed.
  • Monitors members for payment of dues.
  • Submits a monthly article for the newsletter.


Question: In which category of membership do I belong?

Answer: If you are an owner, or principal of a company that derives more than 70% of its gross annual revenue from the business of researching, abstracting, examining, reporting or retrieving land records, you should apply as a Corporate/Independent. If you are an employee of a company, and your job consists of land title research or examining, you should apply for Individual Membership. If you are not eligible for either of the above, you may apply for Associate Membership.

Question: How much are dues?

Answer: Dues for Corporate/Independent and Individual memberships are currently set at $100 per year. The dues for Associate members are $200. Dues are payable each year on or before September 1st.

Question: What benefits will I receive with my membership?

Answer: You will receive the benefit of promotion in our on-line directory and in our printed directory. You will have an opportunity to earn certification as a highly competent Abstractor or Examiner. Qualified members may earn either of two designations: NALTEA Certified Abstractor (NCA) or NALTEA Master Abstractor (NMA) to signify their above-average knowledge and experience.

If you are listed in the directory of the Source of Title website, your listing will note you as a NALTEA member with a bold N beside your listing. Source of Title also generously offers NALTEA members significant discounts on enhanced listings and annual subscriptions. Once your membership is established, you will have access to additional beneficial cost savings listed in our members-only section.

You will be invited to attend our annual October conference, with the opportunity to meet, learn and discuss important issues with others in your chosen field of work.

Perhaps the most important of all is that your membership and efforts will help to educate the greater title industry as to the importance of local knowledge and experience where title searching, examining and abstracting are concerned.

Events & Planning COMMITTEE

Committee Chair:  Joanie Ripley


The fun starts here!  Join this committee if your an organizer and love to plan events and gatherings.




  • Plans and prepare for upcoming conferences and events, i.e. locations, hotels, food/drink actives etc…
  • Solicits sponsors and vendors to help support our conferences.
  • Ability to send association members to other association conferences.
  • Submits a monthly article for the newsletter.



Chairperson: Julia Thomas

The committee is working hard to present content to the membership. We would appreciate any input or content that the members can offer. We know that many of our members have expertise and opinions, and we would love to feature what you have to say in the upcoming newsletters. Please e-mail your ideas or opinions.

Thanks for all your help. It is only through a group effort that NALTEA can achieve its objectives.

Letters to the Editor of the NALTEA Newsletter

Please voice your comments, opinions, and suggestions to the board of directors through a letter to the editor. We will get a response from the board and publish them signed only by your first initial of your first name.

If you are thinking it, someone else may be as well. This is a great way to help the membership communicate with the board. Please email them to the editor.


Publishes a monthly newsletter containing information about our ever changing industry, committee report and actions; highlight one member a month with a bio about them and their abstracting business.Works on gaining members benefits, i.e. discount E & O insurance, health/life/dental/auto insurance. Offer ads in newsletters either for a price or for discounts for the members.Submits a monthly article for the newsletter.

Education Committee

Chairperson: Debi Merrill

This committee strives to keep you up-to-date on your education & training opportunities. We welcome your input. If you feel you can contribute, please feel free to email us at:

NALTEA Abstractors take pride in their work. We set the bar pretty high, based on our commitment to  professional, thorough research.
Abstracting Guidelines

Terminology differs from State to State. One man's abstractor is another man's examiner. "What's the difference?"
Abstractor Searcher Examiner

NALTEA offers designations with distinction. With our NCA (NALTEA Certified Abstractor) & NMA (NALTEA Master Abstractor) designations, you too can be recognized as an industry professional. In addition to offering the exam at our yearly conference, the Education Committee is very close to selecting an "on-line" testing system to be available on your time frame. Stay Tuned!"
Certification requirements

NALTEA has written a White Paper which addresses the issues raised in a pending case between Ticor Title Insurance Corporation, Plaintiff and Countrywide Home Loans, Inc., Defendant.  If you would like to read the White Paper, in its entirety, please go to the members' resources page and click on the "Ticor vs Countrywide" link

Committee Responsibilities

  • Submits a monthly article concerning one area of abstract work where abstractors could benefit from the information, whether new or old information
  • Long term goal of developing training programs for new and veteran abstractors.
  • Gathers different terminology from different states
  • Asks lenders and title companies for speakers
  • Submits a monthly article for the newsletter