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October 2014 Newsletter
2014 Conference Agenda, Conference Speaker Bios, Airport & Hotel Information

July 2014 Newsletter
Call for BOD Candidates, Communications Committee Report, Social Media for Abstractors, Avoiding Late Payments From Vendors, 2014 Conference Speaker Biographies

June 2014 Newsletter
2014 Conference Speakers' Biographies, Interesting News for Independent Abstractors, NALTEA Membership Directory

March 2014 Newsletter
Membership Directory, Top 5 Real Estate & Settlement Services Predictions for 2014, Title Track: Deeds Are More Than Just a Conveyance, 2014 Conference Update, Tech is Revolutionizing Real Estate

February 2014 Newsletter
Greetings from Dave Pelligrinelli, BOD Update, Deficiency Laws Following Foreclosure on Short Sale in CA, More Young Adults Stick With Parents & Delay Buying, State Regulator Halts Deal Between Wells Fargo & Loan Servicer

January 2014 Newsletter
BOD Update, CFPB, Mortgage Closing Process, Deed Forgery & Real Estate Fraud, Always a Title Searcher

December 2013 Newsletter
Holiday Message from Jill Kissell

November 2013 Newsletter
2013 Conference Recap

September 2013 Newsletter
2013 Conference Details, Certification Requirements

NALTEA 2014 Annual Conference Agenda

April 2012 Newsletter
Pria Summary

February 2012 Newsletter
Meet & Greet

January 2012 Newsletter

November 2011 NALTEA Newsletter
New President and conference summary

September 2011 Newsletter
Conference Info

August 2011 Newsletter
2011 Annual Conference Information

July 2011 Newsletter
Meet and Greet and BOD Update

June 2011 Newsletter

April 2011 Newsletter
NAILTA and TLTA Conventions

March 2011 Newsletter

February 2011 Newsletter
Board update, NALTEA Crossword puzzle

January 2011 Newsletter

December 2010 Newsletter

November 2010 Newsletter
2010 NALTEA Conference

October 2010 Newsletter
Committee Reports, NPRRA Conference

September 2010 Newsletter
NALTEA Certification, Future of Abstracting, Keeping up with Court Cases and New Laws, Conference Information

August 2010 Newsletter
October Conference Information, July Foreclosure Report, Privacy and Data Security Warning, NPRRA Press Release

July 2010 Newsletter

June 2010 Newsletter
Understanding Bankruptcy, Chicago Meet and Greet, Adventures of a Traveling Abstractor

May 2010 Newsletter
Chicago Area Meet & Greet Information, Boosting Website Performance

March 2010 Newsletter
Committee Reports, Marketing Ideas, Upcoming Events

February 2010 Newsletter
Spring Meet & Greet, Marketing Abstractor Services, LinkedIn, Certification Requirements

January 2010 Newsletter
2010 Issues, Public Land Survey System

December 2009 Newsletter
Articles about training and marketing included in this month's newsletter

November 2009 Newsletter
Happy Thanksgiving, New Naltea Certified Abstractors

October 2009 Newsletter
Message from the New President, News from the Conference, New Board Members

September 2009 Newsletter
Committee Reports, NALTEA Conference, Mortgages

July 2009 Newsletter
Committee Updates, Conference Details, So You Want to be a Title Searcher

June 2009 Newsletter
Naltea Conference Information, Church Titles

May 2009 Newsletter
Loss Prevention for Abstractors, Board of Directors and Committee Reports

April 2009 Newsletter
Environmental Lien Reports, History and Background of U.S. Titles

March 2009 Newsletter
Committee Updates, Blogging, E&O Choices, Automated Title Search Technology

February 2009 Newsletter
Committee Reports, Election Results, New Board Member Introduction, E&O Insurance

January 2009 Newsletter
Important Information Regarding General Meeting and Elections

November 2008 Newsletter
President's Report; Board Updates; Case Study; Why Become a NALTEA National Certified Abstractor

September 2008 Newsletter
Message from the President, Committee Updates, Behind the Bailout, Research Position Filled, Annual Conference

August 2008 Newsletter
Committee Updates, Conference Survey Results, Dues Reminder

July 2008 Newsletter
Committee Updates, Board Opening, Fraudulent MERS Releases

May 2008 Newsletter
Committee Updates, NALTEA Submits RESPA Comments

April 2008 Newsletter
Committee Updates, Multiunit Real Property Ownership, Member Profile

March 2008 Newsletter
NALTEA Participation in GAO Study, Mortgage Bankers Expo, Recommended Reading for Certification, eRecordings

February 2008 Newsletter
Conference Report, Abstractors Certified by NALTEA, Meet the New Vice President

December 2007 Newsletter
It Has Been A Pleasure Serving You, ServiceLink Integrates Offerings from ATM Acquisition, and more.

November 2007 Newsletter
Designing the National Certified Abstractor Designation Test, When is a Full Search Needed, NALTEA 2008 Annual Conference, and more.

October 2007 Newsletter
The Silver Lining, NALTEA discusses Automated Title Products With The Industry, County Clerks Speak To ATIM, and more.

September 2007 Newsletter
NALTEA Victimized by Theft, Maintaining a Balanced Clientele, The Back End, and more.

July 2007 Newsletter
Delinquency Versus Collectability; RESPA and You: The Abstractor's Accountability; Understanding E&O; and more.

June 2007 Newsletter
Good Times and Bad, There's Always Work for the Abstractor; The Latest Defalcation; Other Ways To Avoid Delinquency; and more.

May 2007 Newsletter
Collections Top Ten List, Self-Preservation, The Changing World of Indexing, and more.

April 2007 Newsletter
You Can Position Yourself As An Expert!; What Can A Company Do, Internally, To Minimize And Better Control Problem Accounts; NY Examiner Arrested On Charges Of Larceny; Treasurer's Report; and more.

March 2007 Newsletter
Unique National Abstracting Manual approved as Resource for NCAA Designation, Abstractor Apathy, Proactively Managing Accounts Receiveable, and more.

February 2007 Newsletter
Personal Information Responsibility, Does an Abstractor's Liability Depend on Privity of Contract, 8 Ways to Slash Your Taxes, and more.

January 2007 Newsletter
Treasurer's Report, NALTEA Member Gives Radio Interview, Message from the Outgoing President, and more.

December 2006 Newsletter
New Jersey Supreme Court Expands Eminent Domain Power, New Year's Resolutions, A Big Thank You, and more.

November 2006 Newsletter
The First NALTEA Title Camp - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; NALTEA Responds to Forbes Article "Inside America's Richest Racket"; Wendi Lawson See - A Candidate for the NALTEA Board of Directors; Run for the Board; and more.

October 2006 Newsletter
Mapping, Drafting and Plotting Capabilities: Utilizing Mapping Software; A Strong Association; Inside the Board; and more.

September 2006 Newsletter
Land Grants and the Challenges they Bring the Abstractors and Title Examiners, Sorry We Missed You, This May Be Your Last Newsletter, and more.

August 2006 Newsletter
Native American Lands and the Complexity of Obtaining Loans When Living in a Sovereign Nation, NATLEA Conference Details, A Life Estate, and more.

July 2006 Newsletter
On the Road with the President - A Report From the Public Relations Committee, Access to Come, State Lawmakers Enact Legilation to Strengthen Consumer Protection While Strengthening Title Insurance Reguations, NATLEA Crossword Puzzle, and more.

June 2006 Newsletter
Will Recent Government Inquiries Reshape the Title Industry, Insuring the Gap, and more.

May 2006 Newsletter
Defining the Problem, NALTEA Study Guide Draft, The Latest E&O Scam And What It Means To You, and more.

April 2006 Newsletter
Lost Doc, Board Update, More Questions Than Answers In Learning About Casualty/Title Insurance Blend, and more.

March 2006 Newsletter
NALTEA Attends the Small Agents and Abstractors Forum, Pride Goeth, Oxley Urges GAO to Launch Investigation into Title Insurance Practices, Florida Supreme Court Hears Testimony Regarding the Online Publication of the Public Record.

February 2006 Newsletter
Governmental Rights In Real Estate, 2006 NALTEA Winter Conference, Treasurer Report, and more.